What are the benefits of Cittaslow membership?

Towns join Cittaslow because membership brings tangible and measurable benefits that include the following:

Independent endorsement
Achieving the standards required by Cittaslow is a credible and independent quality endorsement of a town. It recognises everyone involved in local initiatives and provides impetus for new developments.

Cittaslow membership differentiates one town from another, giving competitive advantage for inward investment, tourism business, and national and international recognition.

Cittaslow membership can be used to support and add weight to funding applications from external bodies. Cittaslow’s national and international networks are also active in securing funding and recognition for key projects.

Quality of life
Cittaslow gives a clear set of principles to enhance the quality of life in a town, which benefit everyone in the community.

Cittaslow involves the whole community in developing the town, including local businesses. It empowers towns to take the lead in determining their own futures, and commits town councils and their partners to work towards a sustainable future building on the positive work already carried out in the town.

Promotional advantages
The branding is an effective promotional tool which can be used by organisations and local businesses involved in Cittaslow towns to enhance and add value to their activities. It opens new markets for businesses through local networks.

Exchange of knowledge and expertise
Cittaslow towns meet regularly at national and international level to exchange ideas and experience. This gives them opportunities to learn from each other and to develop joint projects.