Bailey Hill funding success

When Roger, the Norman Marcher Lord of Moldsdale, built himself a castle on the largest of the glacial moraines that dotted his valley, soon after 1100, he couldn’t possibly have imagined that 910 years later the Space & Place sub-group of Cittaslow Mold would be planning how to improve it!

Roger took the name of his new stronghold and was known as Roger de Mont Haut (the ‘high hill’ in Norman French). Mont Haut slipped into Mohault, then Moald (recorded in 1284) and finally Mold by 1561.

The hill was irregularly shaped. Two of the flatter areas became ‘baileys’ or fortified yards. At the northern end the natural moraine was further heightened to become a ‘motte’ (mound) for a small keep or castle. The whole complex has long been known simply as ‘the Bailey Hill’.

Over the centuries the use of Bailey Hill has dwindled but it still remains of historic and environmental importance, which is why Cittaslow Mold are working with other groups such as Mold and District Civic Society, and the land owners Flintshire County Council, to start a rolling programme of improvements. The aim being to restore Bailey Hill to some of its former glory and make it a real asset to the Town.

Through the Mold Town Partnership, Cittaslow Mold has secured a £9,500 Welsh Assembly Government Tidy Towns grant. This will be used to repaint the entrance gates, put up new signs and marker posts for a historic trail, and produce a walking guide with detailed map for the trail. Work undertaken by volunteers is already in hand and this welcome grant will ensure that come Spring the new trail should be in place.

This is just the start of improvements and the group are keen to find out how you would like to see Bailey Hill develop, contact Geoff Collett, through Mold Town Council on 01352 758532.

Cittaslow Mold also secured funding for more cycle racks (£3,360), additional benches (£1,920), printing leaflets for commemorative benches (£600) – a scheme where the public can purchase a bench, and improvements to a town gateway display (£1,100).

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