History walk at Bailey Hill

Kevin Matthias (top right) at the Gorsedd stone circle, Bailey Hill, during a guided walk with members of Holt Local History Society.

Last year members of Holt Local History Society were involved in shaping the Activity and Interpretation Plan for Bailey Hill in Mold.

Their interest was sparked into finding out more about Bailey Hill, so a guided walk of the site was arranged, with local historian, Kevin Matthias.

On a glorious evening Kevin took the Holt visitors on a fascinating walk around Bailey Hill. He explained that the Normans left their mark with the Motte and Bailey castle; bringing to life the power struggles between the Normans and Welsh Princes as the castle saw plenty of action from 1100, and changed hands a number of times.

In 1809, it was purchased by Sir Thomas Mostyn, who planted trees, enclosed the site with a wall and built a Cottage. In 1920 Mold Urban District Council laid the whole area out to be a public park, erected the current gates and built the cenotaph, with the Outer Bailey used as tennis courts, and the Inner Bailey as a bowling green until 2002. Flintshire County Council is currently responsible for the park.

The Holt visitors kindly made a donation to Bailey Hill improvements fund.

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