Six Aspiration Statements

The wellbeing of Mold’s communities is the starting point for this Action Plan. ‘Wellbeing’ is the physical, emotional and spiritual health of people. It includes how individuals and communities relate to each other, their awareness and appreciation of others and their environment, and a willingness to be involved with others to meet common goals.

The following Aspiration Statements set out the goals for Mold.

It is the collective aspirations of Mold’s communites that by 2025 Mold is:

An attractive town with well designed public spaces and a strong sense of place

Mold has a true sense of place. Its heritage features and other assets are highlighted and the integrity of its buildings and character are maintained. Its public spaces and streets are high quality, vibrant places enjoyed by the local community and visitors for a variety of purposes. Key features in and around Mold are well connected and the town is well maintained.

A distinctive place where locals and visitors connect with history, culture and countryside

Mold is an established destination in Wales, recognised for its unique local offer and connections to the surrounding natural environment. The history and cultural diversity of Mold is celebrated in its markets, food, arts, theatre and recreation opportunities. Local communities and visitors to Mold, of all ages and throughout the year, are spoilt for choice with access to a range of events and activities during the day and into the evenings.

An inclusive community with a strong sense of belonging and participation

The communities of Mold feel connected to each other and benefit from a range of local networks providing information and support. People of all ages and abilities regularly participate in public events and support local markets and producers. The vast majority of people work locally, income levels have increased and families live in quality homes. Communities have a healthy pride in their local environment and enjoy the use of community assets.

A model of environmental sustainability, embracing change and innovation

Mold has responded to environmental sustainability concerns and local social communities have embraced a ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ culture. Walking, cycling and public transport are genuine choices and high quality networks and services reflect this. The townscape has been significantly ‘greened’, air quality is good, and water quality and quantity is a major consideration in all new development and public works. Building quality and energy efficiency, particularly for housing, have been improved and residents enjoy a higher quality of life.

A high quality commercial environment supporting thriving businesses and a valued local workforce

Mold’s business community and work force enjoys high quality work environments. Business networks are robust and confidence is high. The commercial offer is diverse. New and existing businesses are making genuine, long term investments providing secure jobs. Previously developed land in and around the town centre is at a premium as businesses seek relocation opportunities. Developers are attracted to Mold and new developments meet high standards of design and sustainability.

An active contributor in local partnerships with strong integrated networks across the region

Mold is well managed with clear goals based around collective understandings. Open dialogue and active engagement has empowered local communities who have a real stake in their futures. The values of local groups and affiliations such as Cittaslow are integrated into the town’s management. The Town Partnership has positive working relationships with local service providers, other towns in Flintshire and neighbouring counties.