Hulsons Pork Stores (Mold) Ltd

Contact details: 35-37 Wrexham Street, Mold, Flintshire CH7 1ET
Tel: 01352 753112
Mobile: 07729 779081

We are a traditional bakery and retail business established since 1933.

We make and sell a wide range of savoury products. These include various types of pies, pasties and sausage rolls as well as our own sausages in a variety of flavours, black pudding and savoury ducks, and cook our own locally sourced ham and other meats.

We also make and sell a mouthwatering range of cakes, tarts and scones and make our own bread rolls and stock Henllan bread as well.

9 Responses to Hulsons Pork Stores (Mold) Ltd

  1. Charlie says:

    This telephone number is incorrect.
    The correct number is: 01352 753112

  2. Steph Davies says:

    Hi I’m looking for a tiered pork pie as a present, do you do such a thing? Thanks xxx

  3. Phil Hudson says:


    I have been invited to a Party on Sat 12.7.2014 and need 10 Pork Pies.

    Could I pick them up !st thing Saturday morning

    How much will the cost be

    Many thanks

    Phil Hudson

  4. Ruth Roberts says:


    I am enquiring about some mini pork pies for our wedding next year. We want them as a snack in between the service and dinner so do you do bitesize ones and if so how much are they? We would need approximately 150

    Many thanks


  5. jack yates says:

    Can you advise me of the prices for the pork pies this xmas , and when do I need to place an order
    Thank You

  6. moises9437 says:

    Great entry. One of the best I’ve found.

  7. Erique Lamont says:

    Hulson’s pork pies, straight from the oven on a Saturday morning is something everyone should experience before they die…

    When I was first told about hot and warm pork pies, I was a aghast -a pork pie is something you have cold with mustard as a quick snack/lunch or as part of a buffet.

    Was I wrong, honestly folks, go to Hulson’s early in the morning and eat the hottest pie as soon as they go on sale…

  8. Liz Greenfield says:

    Best pork pies ever, just as remembered from years ago.
    Excellent customer service on Saturday 15/04/2017

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