Facer’s Flintshire Brewery / Bragdy Facer Sir Y Fflint

Contact details: Tan y Coed, Bryn y Garreg, Mynydd y Fflint, Flintshire CH6 5QT 
 Tel: 07713 56 6370 
 Email: dave@facers.co.uk 
 Website: www.facers.co.uk
Facer’s Flintshire Brewery is the only brewery in Flintshire. We make and supply a range of seven top quality hand-crafted real ales to pubs and other venues across north east Wales and further afield. 
Our beers can now be enjoyed at nearly 50 pubs. To find out where, visit our website. We are always eager to hear from pubs and other outlets that would like to stock our real ales.

One Response to Facer’s Flintshire Brewery / Bragdy Facer Sir Y Fflint

  1. David White says:

    I am looking for a brewery that gives tours, do you give tours, Cheers Dave

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