Gold Cape stamp

Special postage stamp showcases inspiring objects from British prehistory

David Hanson MP and Mayor of Mold, Anthony Parry, with Richard Thacker, Mold Delivery Office Manager for Royal Mail and (in the background) Mold Town Councillors – Phil Thomas, Bryan Grew and Carol Heycocks – celebrate the release of the special stamp by displaying a large visual of it by the post office in Mold.

The Royal Mail has released a new series of stamps depicting British prehistoric treasures. The Mold Gold Cape is one of only eight exceptional sites and artefacts chosen to feature on individual stamps all illustrated by artist Rebecca Strickson. The illustrations show how people lived at the sites or used the objects.

The Mold stamp is valued at £1.52 and can be purchased from the Royal Mail’s website in a presentation pack or at post offices as individual stamps.

The Bronze Age Mold Gold Cape was discovered in a burial mound off Chester Street (near Wood Green) in 1833 by workmen digging for stone. It is one of the finest examples of prehistoric sheet-gold working and is unique in form and design. The Cape is on display at the British Museum and is thought to have been worn 3,700 years ago.

There is a replica of the Mold Gold Cape upstairs in the museum above the Library in Mold.

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