Co-op Local Community Fund

Mold Co-op staff, Claire Jones, team manager; Tania Tolson, store manager; and Suzanne Malone (right) with Rhiannon Bryan, Jean Flaherty and Susan Haywood from Mold Darby and Jones Club, and the Grosvenor Centre.

Three local organisations were delighted to be awarded funding through the Co-op store in Mold as part of the Co-op’s Local Community Fund. Everytime a Co-op member shops at the Co-op, 1% of what they spend on own brand products and services goes to the Co-op Local Community Fund. Co-op members have already earned over £9 million for over 4,000 local causes, with £5,021 going to organisations in the Mold area this time, thanks to local shoppers.

This money, along with money the Co-op raised from carrier bag sales, is used to support local projects that benefit the community. In Mold the three awards were made to the Mold Darby and Jones Club which received £1,681 to make improvements to the kitchen at the Grosvenor Centre; Parkfields Community Centre with £1,680 for repairs to the buggy store in the grounds at Parkfields; and £1,660 to Flintshire University of the Third Age.

With the help of customers the Co-op has reduced single use carrier bag numbers nationwide by 63% (more than 1 billion bags) compared with 2006. In England the 5p carrier bag levy was only introduced in October 2015, whereas in Wales it was introduced four years earlier in April 2011. Resulting in millions fewer carrier bags going to landfill.

Members of Parkfields Community Centre Management Committee, Andrea Mearns and Rev Kathryn Price receive the award on behalf of Parkfields

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