SHARE – Supporting Homeless Assisting Refugees Everywhere

Report from Louise Edwards

Along with two other friends, I have recently set up a charity (currently awaiting charitable status) called SHARE – Supporting Homeless Assisting Refugees Everywhere.

We are currently collecting donations of clothes, blankets, sleeping bags, sturdy footwear and other items to provide relief to the local homeless communities and to refugees fleeing war torn countries out in Southern Europe.

We are also collecting monetary donations and seeking people to volunteer their time. Time can be used to help sort through donations at our warehouse in Flint, to assist in collecting donations and to help in the setting up of fundraising events.

We have a team of volunteers who have recently returned from working with refugees on the tiny Greek island of Leros. We are planning another trip there at the end of November and are keen to recruit more people to join our Leros Volunteer Team.

If you think you are able to support SHARE in even the smallest way, we would love to hear from you. Please find the link to our new website

also our Facebook page – SHARE

Information on the SHARE web site: Telephone 07725 035627 between 9am and 9pm. Share Aid Centre is off Evans Street, Castle Park Industrial Estate, Flint CH6 5AX.

Aid dispatched so far includes:

  • 7 tonne of aid to Red Cross
  • 21 boxes of aid to Kos
  • 200 boxes of aid to Leros
  • 2 boxes of aid to Lesvos
  • 3 vans of aid to Calais

Join or sponsor the SHARE Sponsored Walk on 6 December, for the 11 miles from Flint to Chester Town Hall.

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