Sainsbury’s public consultation

Invitation to Sainsbury’s Mold public exhibition

Sainsbury’s plans to build a foodstore and petrol station next to the Rugby Club on Chester Road. They will submit a planning application in the coming months and the proposals include significant improvements for the Rugby Club.

Before any plans are submitted to Flintshire County Council, Sainsbury’s want to know what the local community thinks. They are holding a public exhibition at Mold Rugby Club, on Friday 15 November between 3pm and 8pm and Mold Town Hall, on Saturday 16 November between 9am and 2pm.

If you would like to arrange a meeting or have any questions regarding the plans, please contact Sainsbury’s on 0800 319 6162 or by email The plans will be available soon on

Jo Hawley, Sainsbury’s Development Manager
Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd
33 Holborn, London EC1N 2HT
Telephone 020 7695 6000

7 Responses to Sainsbury’s public consultation

  1. Carol Janes says:

    I think the new Sainsbury’s store in Mold would be a huge benefit to the town. As well as bringing new jobs to the area, it would provide healthy competition to Tesco which is the only other mainstream supermarket in town, and which over time has become overpriced and tired looking. I love Sainsbury’s products and did used to go the Wrexham store which is currently the nearest, but found travelling up there each week a bit of a chore, so if Sainsbury’s were to come to Mold, I for one would certainly shop there. I think this is an excellent proposal and wish you luck in your application for planning.

  2. Brian Jones says:

    Great idea to provide a Sainsbury’s locally. The nearest stores are currently in Wrexham or Chester . I am excited about the new job opportunities it will bring, much needed in North East Wales. A wider range of services and competition within the community will greatly enhance customer experience, whilst at the same time providing infrastructure improvements the that area of town.
    I really hope are successful with your planning application

  3. Ahmet karagandere says:

    I fully support sainsburys in mold because
    1 it’s going create more jobs
    2 it gives more options to shoppers
    3 where they planing to build there petrol station has been empt land and empty building for many many years whic was a eyesore in town centre with this project this problem will be solved
    4 if farm and pet place could get a easy planing permission to build a new store where the fire station was sainsburys should not have any problems
    5 specially in this business climate we are in now how all business try to save money sainsburys plan would create more jobs and in future in coulda track other business to mold

  4. Mrs Shirley Long says:

    I am in favour of Sainsbur’ys coming to Mold, but do wonder if we need another petrol station.

  5. lesley farmer says:

    I am in favour of Sainsbury’s opening a new store in Mold.

  6. W. Haider says:

    I am in very much favour of Sainsbury,s Opening a new store in Mold. It will give more options to shoppers. Business will boost in town as its very large population surrounding around mold so sainsbury,s will do profitable business. As in Mercia Drive Mynydd Isa closes old SPAR as Sainsbury,s local open business there. This is sufficient evidence for the big bosses to go ahead with the purposed plans and should not lose business in Mold Flintshire.

  7. M Rana says:

    We are waiting for store from years. It should be done in 2016. Mold is fantastic historic town for Market business. why the other superstores not been closed in mold they are benefiting from good business. Sainsbury,s local is very popular in Mercia Drive Mynydd Isa. People love the Sainsbury,s products.

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