Lions support Groundwork’s Bailey Hill appeal

Lions, Teresa and Don Nickson with Eira Hughes, a Friend of Bailey Hill

Appeal for clearing the scrub and small trees from the historic Motte on Bailey Hill

Buckley and Mold Lions have donated a fantastic 10% of the £2,500 ‘match funding’ needed by the Friends of Bailey Hill group to secure a £5,000 grant from Groundwork UK’s, ‘X Marks the Spot’ Treasured Spaces appeal.

If the appeal is successful it will enable the Friends of Bailey Hill to start work on the ambitious improvement master plan for Bailey Hill.

The funding will pay for the clearance of overgrown shrubs and small trees all around the banks of the motte, the planting of wild flowers, and building and installing bat and bird boxes on the large trees.

If you too are interested in the future of Bailey Hill can you make a donation please? If we all do something small it will soon add up to the full amount, and we can get started on the work.

To make a donation please go to the Groundwork Appeals Page at:
and follow the links to Bailey Hill

or call in at Mold Town Council office in the Town Hall on Earl Road, Mold

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