Children from Year 4 at Ysgol Bryn Gwalia with their teacher Mrs Bayliss prepare and plant one of three new flower beds on the grassed area at the junction of Clayton Road and Queens Park, under the expert eye of gardener Malcolm Down. The plants were purchased from Northop Nurseries and the improvements are part of Mold landscaping phase 1.

In 2010/11 Cittaslow Mold received the following grants.
Cittaslow aims to improve the quality of life in Mold. Well-being is difficult to quantify in financial terms, but we can put a monetary value on the grants we’ve received in 2010/11, which have helped to make projects happen.

    1. Bailey Hill Festival £3,600 cash with £1,300 matched as in-kind volunteer support. Cadwyn Clwyd grant
    2. Mold Food hub options appraisal and business plan £9,000 (one of the recommendations from the Local to Mold study). Cadwyn Clwyd grant
    3. New Cittaslow Mold web site £2,000 which will be more interactive, give access to reports, and promote local producers more effectively than the existing site. Cadwyn Clwyd grant
    4. Community and stakeholders consultations £6,000 on the future of Mold and new consumer data on support for local produce. Cadwyn Clwyd grant
    5. Planter on Alexander Road £5,500. Tidy Towns (WAG) grant
    6. Mold Spring Clean £3,500 with £500 match-funding from Mold Town Council. Tidy Towns (WAG) grant
    7. Mold landscaping phase 1, £4,860 includes bins. Tidy Towns (WAG) grant
    Total of £34,460 external grants

Cittaslow Mold is supported by Mold Town Council. The Council paid the Cittaslow membership fees of £1,500 and gave a grant of £1,000 for running costs (monthly market stalls and photocopying newsletters; travelling expenses to Cittaslow UK meetings; stall at Mold Food & Drink Festival)
Total of £2,500 received from Mold Town Council

Cittaslow Mold has generated over £28,000 in local, national and international media coverage. Benefits which help to ‘put Mold on the map’ and extend our sphere of influence, but are less easy to quantify in financial terms, include: Cittaslow Mold has exposure on a wide range of web sites and increasingly social media (6,400 listings on Google alone).

In February the Mold community consultation was given as an example of best practice at the Council of Europe, European Commission meeting on the new ‘Shared Social Responsibilities Charter’ which is about social cohesion. Examples of what we’ve been doing have been included in presentations at events internationally, from South Korea to Poland.

Cittaslow is being cited by academics as an example of one way forward for post-industrial towns. Mold was featured at a conference in Newcastle. None of this would have been achieved without the support and time of many volunteers and the generosity of grant funders.

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