Flintshire Urdd

Over 200 Flintshire young people to perform in Urdd Eisteddfod musicals

During the Flintshire Urdd National Eisteddfod, which is held 30 May – 4 June, over 200 children and young people from Flintshire will perform two musicals to welcome visitors from across Wales to the event. One will be a Welsh version of the popular Musical ‘Hairspray’ and the other, ‘Fflamau Fflint’ (The Flames of Flint) will guide the audience around Flintshire using Caryl Parry Jones’ Rimbojam songs.

Flamaun Fflint the cast of the show performed by primary school students.

150 primary school children will perform their show in the pavilion on the Eisteddfod site on Tuesday, 31 May. The show will follow the trials and tribulations of the main character, Dai, travelling around Flintshire.

The show is co-produced by Claire Tranmer and Einir Haf.  Einir, who is the Deputy Head at Ysgol Glanrafon, said, “We were keen to use Caryl Parry Jones’ Rimbojam songs as the foundation to the show as they are such great songs and many of the children are already familiar with them. Former pupil of Ysgol Maes Garmon, Mali Williams, has created a superb script to link the songs which takes Dai on a tour of the area. We are also excited that Caryl Parry Jones has composed a brand new song, Fflamau Fflint, to close the show.”

‘Herspre’ will be staged at the St Richard Gwyn School theatre Saturday 28 May and Monday 30 May at 8pm with the primary show ‘FFlamau Fflint’ in the pavilion Tuesday, 31 May. Tickets from urdd.cymru/eisteddfod or by phoning  0845 257 1639.

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