Defibrillators to ‘Save a Life’ in Mold

Mayor of Mold, Councillor Anthony Parry, has chosen Welsh Hearts as his main charity initiative for his year in office. Welsh Hearts working alongside the Town Council, St John Ambulance and the community of Mold will endeavour to ‘Save a Life’ in the town, by raising sufficient funds during Cllr. Parry’s Mayoral term to place at least 25 defibrillators at key locations in the town and raise the awareness of as many community volunteers as possible to use the equipment, together with CPR and other key life saving techniques.  Welsh Hearts has kindly donated to Mold Town Council their first defibrillator for the campaign.

The first ‘Save a Life’ awareness sessions will be held on Tuesday 21 June at Mold Town Hall.  There will be two sessions, 12 noon to 2pm and 6pm to 8pm. The sessions are free to attend and will cover use of the equipment, CPR, choking, strokes, major bleeding and dealing with shock – the five most common killers.

To become involved in the Save a Life campaign or to book a place on a ‘Save a Life’ awareness session, please contact Jane Evans, Town Council Support Officer on 01352 758532 or email:

If you are not able to attend this session, there will be more sessions announced throughout the year.

The awareness sessions will be carried out by the Mold branch of St John Ambulance, who provide ongoing support to the community and attend most of the events the town holds throughout the year. Councillor Parry hopes that, dependent upon the success of his fund raising efforts, the Town Council will also be able to make a donation to the funds of Mold Branch of St John Ambulance to support their community efforts.

Mold Town Council is compiling a list of the defibrillators currently in town. If you have a defibrillator please let Jane know the location, whether it is accessible to the public and if there is a code or number to call to open.  This list of defibrillators will be made public and updated as new defibrillators are installed in the town.

Jane Evans, Support Officer, Mold Town Council, Town Hall, Earl Road, Mold  CH7 1AB. Tel: 01352 758532

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