Community consultation findings


The Town Partnership in Mold held a lively consultation event in November to find out from the public how they would like to see the future of Mold. A questionnaire based on six aspiration statements gave people the opportunity to voice their priorities and ideas for the Town.

Live music from local performers, children’s entertainment, refreshments and a free glass of mulled wine for every completed questionnaire gave the event a festive feel. Over 300 people completed questionnaires. From these it was evident that people support projects that underpin the development of local businesses, community activities and cultural programmes. They liked being consulted openly in the manner utilised for the Mold en Masse project; want more of this and to be kept informed of updates personally – this is shown by the 197 people who gave their email/ postal address for future updates and correspondence. The overwhelming response was that people hold the market in high esteem and will continue to support its growth by increasing the market days and having specialist markets.

Many local residents want to support the next generation, as by doing this we are investing in the future of Mold. Additionally people are very interested in getting involved in community activities and want to see more events held in the town.

There’s also huge support for environmental initiatives such as improving public transport and developing cycle routes and footpaths; expanding the use of green spaces to include more allotments and to plant trees; and encouraging recycling initiatives.

The majority of people questioned would support a local food hub in the centre of town as this addresses a number of issues including being able to source local produce, reduce food miles and support local producers.

When asked how people view the future of Mold, again the response was overwhelmingly positive, a word that consistently was used was ‘thriving’, with 97 people saying that they envisaged a thriving market town with successful local businesses, arts and culture, and with its own identity. Many interesting suggestions were made as to which directions to take regarding the future of Mold, and these are evident in the full report. The questionnaire findings illustrate how many people in Mold have similar opinions when it comes to important subjects such as supporting local businesses, building strong communities, developing the town with care and attention to environmental issues and promoting local arts and culture, including the Welsh language.

A full report is available on request from 01352 758532, or email

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