Chinese visit to Cittaslow Mold

Andy Leake, chair of Flintshire Foodbank (back row 3rd left) welcomed the Chinese and Llangollen visitors to the Flintshire Foodbank Warehouse in Mold. He explained that between April 2017 and March this year they had distributed over 6,000 food parcels. Flintshire is the second largest food bank in Wales and the second busiest and they could not do it without the support of all the donations and the work of volunteers.

Delegates from the most recent town to be accredited to the international Cittaslow movement, came to Mold following the International Assembly in Mirande France. Li Jinling, Vice Mayor, People’s Government of Shennongjia Forestry District, Hubei Province, China led the six strong Chinese delegation to Mold.

Along with the Mold hosts, three Cittaslow Llangollen members came to meet the group from China. Shennongjia Forestry District is in the west of China, it lies within the Daba Mountains evergreen forests ecoregion. The area is a Unesco World Heritage Site with national nature reserves and is home to the endangered golden snub-nosed monkey. The Chinese party explained how environmental issues are one of their priorities and they were interested to hear about recycling and education in North East Wales.

In Mold the Chinese party were welcomed to the Flintshire Foodbank Warehouse by Andy Leake, he explained how the Foodbank operated through donations and volunteers.

Chris Bithell showed them round the magnificent St Mary’s Church. Bev Thomas, local chutney and relish producer, talked about her company and using local seasonal produce, before Mayor of Mold, Karen Hodgkinson, gave each of the visitors a pot of the Relish Club’s onion chutney to take home as a souvenir of Mold.

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