Blooming Mold

The sun’s shining, the days lengthening, plants are growing rapidly – and now it’s time for the ‘Blooming Mold 2017’ competition. All residents businesses and schools in Town can enter, with a chance of winning a first prize of £60 and second of £30 in each category.

The four categories this year are:

  1. Best basket or tub
  2. Best kept garden
  3. Best natural wildlife-friendly garden
  4. Best garden in a tray (for 16 year olds and under).

In each category gardeners who use insect-friendly plants will be awarded higher marks.

Entry forms from Mold Town Council, with completed entry forms returned to the Council by 3 July and judging taking place between 10 to 14 July by appointment.

Entries for the ‘Best garden in a tray’ category will be displayed in Daniel Owen Square on Saturday 1 July, and a people’s vote on the day will select the winner.

Mike and Sue Wright’s beautiful garden is a haven for wildlife, with flowers that bloom throughout the growing season so that there is always nectar and pollen available to pollinators. They were prize winners in the Blooming Mold competition last year.

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