Bailey Hill – meeting 21 November, 7pm

Bailey Hill – the future

Supporting the development of Bailey Hill. Public and Friends of Bailey Hill meeting all welcome. Please pass onto your friends and networks.

If you are interested in the future of Bailey Hill in Mold, want to support the development of an attractive public park which will improve the life of residents and provide a quality offer that will attract visitors to Mold, then it would be great to see you at a meeting on Tuesday 21 November at 7pm in Mold Town Hall, Earl Road, Mold CH7 1AB.


1. Welcome and apologies

2. Presentation of designs and plans

3. Friends of Bailey Hill (FoBH) becoming a constituted organisation

4. Fundraising

5. Role of the FoBH in the Management and Maintenance Plan for Bailey Hill


Dear Friends of Bailey Hill

Friends of Bailey Hill representatives have been attending regular working group meetings with Mold Town Council and Flintshire County Council over recent months in order to discuss progress on designing and funding a range of new improvement works on Bailey Hill, which will bring the Bailey Hill Masterplan – on which there has been much public consultation locally – to life.

An initial tranche of grant aid – from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) – has enabled a firm of consultants to be employed. Harrisons – a firm based in Mold – have been preparing more detailed proposals for various elements starting with the entranceway to the Park, the access ways and main pathways. Other specialist advisers have been looking into the condition of the boundary walls around the site, options for upgrading the custodian’s cottage, and the scope for interpreting the site. The design options have to be painstakingly explored because Bailey Hill is a scheduled ancient monument with steep slopes, and any works to it must be acceptable to Cadw.

In order to qualify for the full HLF grant, and other grants bid for, it will be necessary for the design work to be advanced further in the next few weeks, and then a formal planning application will be made for the first phase of the proposed upgrade works.

In tandem with that, several other actions are required of the Friends of Bailey Hill (FoBH), which we need to explore.

  1. We will need to take steps to ensure that our voluntary group is legally constituted (for instance as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation CIO). It is hoped that FoBH members with expertise in business and charities will come forward to assist with that process.
  2. We will need to raise more money via voluntary events and contributions, as an element of match-funding from the local community, in order to secure the larger grants being sought. FoBH members’ ideas and assistance is needed.
  3. We must consider what practical small-scale contributions (for example, with maintaining any ‘extra’ garden elements) FoBH could commit to undertaking – over and above the routine maintenance work which Flintshire County Council normally carries out on the site.

Your attendance, ideas and contributions would be greatly appreciated.

Phone 01352 758532 for further details

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