Ambitious plans for Bailey Hill, Mold, move forward

On the Inner Bailey, left to right, Cllr Chris Bithell, Mold Town Council; Claire Halestrap, consultants Harrison Design; Sam Roberts, Mold Town Clerk; Sarah Jones, Cadwyn Clwyd; Cllr Andrea Mearns, Mold Town Council

One more essential piece of the jig-saw to deliver ambitious plans for Bailey Hill, Mold is now in place. Bailey Hill is a public park established in the 1920’s, set in the heart of the historic market town of Mold in Flintshire. At its core lies the remains of an extensive 12th Century Motte and Bailey Castle. Seven year’s background work has been undertaken in order to stop the decline of the distinctive character and historic significance of the park.

Over the years, guidance and support from staff at Cadwyn Clwyd, Rural Development Agency, has assisted Mold Town Council and its partners in developing and implementing studies and work needed to successfully secure Heritage Lottery Funding (HLF) to improve Bailey Hill and benefit the area’s local economy.

European Union Leader funding from Cadwyn Clwyd, awarded to Mold Town Council in April, will help to match-fund the HLF award. The Leader funding of nearly £50,000 is to carry out essential studies, training for volunteers and to buy some equipment for the Bailey Hill project.

Sue Haygarth, chair of the Flintshire Local Action Group responsible for the Leader programme, said “I am delighted that the Leader funding from Cadwyn Clwyd has helped to secure the overall viability of the Bailey Hill project. Leader supports projects exploring new ways to develop, enhance or sustainably exploit the commercial and recreational value of rural North East Wales’s natural and cultural resources, and Bailey Hill fits in perfectly with this. I commend Mold Town Council, its partners Flintshire County Council and the Friends of Bailey Hill, together with the local community for the years of work they have carried out to get to this stage.”

Vital restoration and landscape conservation will be undertaken over the next few years so that the historic integrity of the park is not lost, and the site becomes accessible to a wide group of people.

Andrea Mearns, one of the Mold Town Council representatives on the Bailey Hill steering group, explained that, “An ecological survey is included in the seven surveys and investigations, which will be carried out with the Leader funding. Biodiversity and protecting and improving the habitats at Bailey Hill for wildlife are very important to the Town Council, which is working with North Wales Wildlife Trust to increase green infrastructure for people and wildlife across Mold.

“Community involvement in the management and long-term sustainability of Bailey Hill are essential and new ways of delivering this through an innovative partnership and volunteers’ training are included in the Leader award.”

The fantastic investment from HLF and Leader are two key elements of the £1,301,970 scheme which will enable a transformational change in Bailey Hill – setting it on a stronger course for the future and of immeasurable benefit to the local community and visitors to Mold.

This project has received funding through the Welsh Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme 2014-2020, which is funded by the Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Welsh Government.

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