Ageing well in Mold

Mold Town Plan grapples with the big issues around how Town should be developed over the next 15 years – this includes making it age-friendly for both younger and older residents and visitors.

Have your say……. the draft Mold Town Plan will be open for six weeks public consultation from late-June.

The markets in Mold attract people of all ages especially on a sunny day.

An age-friendly community responds to both the opportunities and challenges of our ageing population by creating physical and social environments that support independent and active living, so that older people can continue to contribute to and be part of all aspects of community life.

For private business, the benefits of marketing and providing goods and services to this growing market are clear and contribute to a thriving and sustainable local economy.

For the wider community, older adults are often committed, long-term residents who contribute their time, energy and wealth of experience to the lives of their communities.

Towns that provide the services, and social and physical environments to create age-friendly communities reap the advantages that older adults can bring to their communities, so benefiting all residents.

Accessible spaces – that accommodate people who are older or have disabilities also help others such as parents with infants and pushchairs and people who have chronic health conditions.

Economic benefits – demographics show that the younger generations no longer represent the biggest growth market. There will be more baby boomers over the coming decades and they will also control the bulk of wealth and spending.

Mold Town Plan considerations:

  • residential density, land-use mix, how streets connect, accessibility to shops, services and green spaces;
  • concerns about safety and environmental issues such as noise and the appearance of neighbourhoods;
  • being amongst friends, and the degree of social interaction among neighbours, accessible transport;
  • support: participation of older adults in the social, economic, cultural and civic affairs of a community.

Dementia Friendly Communities

A steering group in Mold is guiding the community to become Dementia Friendly. There are many ways that you can help, including becoming a Dementia Friend and learning a little bit more about what it’s like to live with dementia.

Contact Jo Lane, Dementia Friendly Communities, 01352 700728, or 0772 521 7086. email:

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