Fund-raising for Bailey Hill, Mold continues

Appreciation and thanks from the Chair of Friends of Bailey Hill

On Sunday evening, 29 April 2018, at Theatr Clwyd, the Mayor of Mold, Cllr. Bob Gaffey, hosted a very entertaining ‘Mayoral Charity Concert’ – a bilingual event which attracted a respectable audience to the Anthony Hopkins Theatre.

We heard well-known and stirring songs from the famous, patriotic Welshman, Dafydd Iwan, with Hefin Ellis accompanying him beautifully on a Bosendorfer grand piano. Gwenan Gibbard – the well-known folk-singer and harpist – presented a collection of fine Welsh folk-songs on a nautical theme. There was also a touchingly committed set of popular songs from a local performance arts group of people with and without disabilities called ‘Buzz-AH’. The show, planned to raise money ‘for Bailey Hill’ was also enlivened by the wit, jokes and natural charm of one of Wales’ funniest comedians Tudur Owen.

Many congratulations are due to all the performers and to Cllr. Bob Gaffey and Cllr. Yvon Jones for organising it and ensuring (with Theatr Clwyd’s assistance) a good night for all including the winners of local schools’ competitions on ‘What Wales means to me’.

At the end of the evening, Bob, having congratulated numerous contributors,  presented me as the Chair of our now formally constituted group ‘Friends of Bailey Hill – Ffrindiau Bryn-y-Beili’ with a cheque for £1,000 – from the proceeds of sales of his recent poetry book (‘Everybody Says Honesty is a Virtue but Nobody Wants to Hear the Truth’).

I should also note that we have recently also received, with thanks, a sum of £662 from funds raised by Cllr. Robin Guest, for the Friends, during his Mayoral Year a while ago.

These monies will help FoBH/FfByB to develop and work effectively with others to conserve the site of Mold Castle – a borderland fort with a rich and complicated history, which is now a wildlife-rich woodland site, with great potential – which we call Bailey Hill Park.

Eira Hughes – Chair FoBH / Cadeirydd FfByB

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