Car Clubs

Transport can be a major issue as some people become increasingly isolated. Households without cars can find it difficult to do simple things such as weekly shops, doctors’ appointments, visits to friends and family.

A car club could help to solve this problem by providing a communal second car. Cadwyn Clwyd is keen to work with communities that might be interested in setting up a car club. Particularly in using electric cars so that the project is carbon friendly.

What is a Car Club?

The costs and commitments associated with owning a car (or two) can add up, car clubs aim to offer a choice of vehicles, centrally maintained and managed that you simply book and pay for when you need them, not when you don’t. People quickly get used to a book and go system, it is easy and makes journeys more rational – think before you drive.

Booking is online, members names and details pop up and they enter destination and time on the chosen day. Other members can see bookings, so they can arrange to share a lift or request an alteration.

Costs vary but members usually pay an annual membership fee (eg £30 to £60 per annum). There is normally a fee per mile and per time period ie an hour or half day.

If you are interested please get in touch with Silas Jones, Cadwyn Clwyd 01490 340 500 Email:

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