Bailey Hill Motte

Mold Town Clerk, Sam Roberts, at the bottom of the Motte along it’s scrubby edge with the Inner Bailey

Clearance of scrub from the Motte starts on Tuesday 25 November as supporters have raised a whopping £2,500 to secure a further £5,000 grant from Groundwork.

After four months fund raising the Friends of Bailey Hill have reached their £2,500 target to secure a ‘Treasured Spaces’ grant of £5,000 from Groundwork UK. Many people have made individual donations as well as holding activities and events to reach the target. The £900 from former Mayor of Mold, Robin Guest’s charity dinner gave the fund an excellent start.

The funding will be used to clear the scrub growing right around the steep banks of the Motte, also wild flowers will be planted and wildlife habitats created.

The mound at Bailey Hill was a natural moraine which was heightened around 1100 by Robert, the Norman Marcher Lord of Moldsdale, to become a Motte for a small keep or castle. For its first seven centuries Bailey Hill was bare of trees, as they’d have provided cover for advancing enemies.

Following public consultations the Bailey Hill masterplan was produced in 2011 and it details scrub clearance of some areas to make the Hill more open and welcoming.

Flintshire County Council, who own Bailey Hill, has approved the work schedule, which includes removal of all the scrub and small trees on the Motte banks with a diameter of less that 100mm. Volunteers will be involved in much of the work which will be coordinated by Groundwork. Brash will be chipped and larger branches will be made into habitat mounds on and amongst the other slopes.

Schools will be invited to make bird and bat boxes to be installed in the mature trees on the Hill.

If you would like to volunteer for some clearance tasks, workdays will be held on: Tuesday 25, Thursday 27 and Saturday 29 November, and Monday 8, Tuesday 9 and Wednesday 10 December, meet at 10.30am at the gates or come along later up to the Inner Bailey.

Please get in touch with Emily Reddy on 01978 757 524 or
email:   for details of how to help with the Motte banks clearance.

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