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Cittaslow Mold’s ‘Space & Place’ sub group covers Cittaslow membership criteria ‘B’ on infrastructure and criteria ‘C’ on the quality of urban fabric. Projects include:

  • Implementing the recommendations in the 2010 Mold Sense of Place study.
  • Exploring ways to promote and develop Bailey Hill with interested residents and partners such as Mold and District Civic Society, and Flintshire County Council.
  • Developing cycle and walking routes from and around Mold with partners such as Troedio Clwyd Walks, the Ramblers and Flintshire County Council.
  • Starting a new Commemorative Bench scheme in Mold.

Mold Sense of Place study

This study defines Mold’s identity and makes recommendations on measures to build on and develop the Town’s heritage and cultural assets. The findings are informing the economic, social and environmental aspects of Mold Town Action Plan.

Mold Sense of Place study (pdf, 14.8MB)

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Bailey Hill funding success

When Roger, the Norman Marcher Lord of Moldsdale, built himself a castle on the largest of the glacial moraines that dotted his valley, soon after 1100, he couldn’t possibly have imagined that 910 years later the Space & Place sub-group of Cittaslow Mold would be planning how to improve it!

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